Kernel BUG report walkthrough

My patch series “N_TTY input path fixes”, which fixes lockless TTY input on weakly-ordered arches, is part of the 4.0-rc kernel. So last Friday a post to the linux-serial mailing list leading with $subject “[BUG] n_tty: 4.0-rc3+ …” got my attention. The report was from one of the Ubuntu Server devs Hi Guys, Just found … Continue reading “Kernel BUG report walkthrough”

UART tx flow control

In the Linux kernel, the tty driver interface for UART devices is abstracted by the serial core API. The serial core supplies the tty driver implementation and, in turn, defines a set of control methods to be implemented by the UART driver. The control methods, along with other details of the serial core API, are … Continue reading “UART tx flow control”