EH++ Library

Static library designed as a drop-in replacement for the Microsoft C++ exception-handling runtime. Suitable for use in any environment the Microsoft C++ compiler supports — including WDM & KMDF drivers.

License Filename Size Hash
GPL v3 83KB MD5 5ee2a36344aa42f13d9ff02835926bb7
SHA-1 9f6ebea9c3e80403c4d27971623aee0ad132ba1e
Requirements Microsoft WDK 7.1.0 
– or –
Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 or newer
Optional: objconv  by Agner Fog
Supported platforms Windows XP, Vista, 7, Server ’03, Server ’08 — WDK, SDK, VC++
Instructions Review the README file for the latest instructions on configuring, building and using the EH++ Library.